Hardeman Group realises the strategic acquisition of three companies

Ede, february 2022 - Hardeman Group acquired three companies at the end of January: Holterman Group (Holcon and Holterman Wapeningsstaal) and Durisol. The name Durisol will become Durison. With this acquisition, Hardeman Group strengthens its market position as a supplier to the construction industry...
ZwolleSpoort 1

ZwolleSpoort project in Zwolle

In Zwolle we were able to supply two sound barriers made of wood fiber concrete for the ZwolleSpoort project.
The first noise barrier is located between the train tracks and is therefore sound-absorbing on both sides. The second screen is located between the track and the surrounding side. This screen is therefore sound-absorbing on one side and covered with Hedera on the surrounding…

Theemswegtracé 1

Theemswegtracé Rotterdam port area

In the Rotterdam port area, the port railway has been moved over a length of approximately 4 km by means of a viaduct: the so-called “Theemswegtracé”. The new port railway is part of the Betuweroute that connects the western port area with the hinterland. Durison supplied both the edge elements made of…

Photo Lijn Gosors – Serqueux 8.000 m2 aan geluidsabsorberende houtvezelbeton geluidsschermen


Durison recently supplied the first prototypes for upgrading the SNCF Gisors - Serqueux railway line in France. Durison will produce and deliver a total of 18,000 m2 of sound-absorbing wood-fiber concrete noise barriers for this project.

Photo A1 Apeldoorn – Azelo geluidsabsorberende houtvezelbeton geluidsschermen


The first sound-absorbing  wood-fiber concrete noise barriers of Durison are being built on the A1 Apeldoorn - Azelo highway project. Both the concrete and the wood fiber concrete are gray-pigmented. The result is amazing! A nice and sleek image.

Photo project HOV Transwijk 653 geluidsabsorberende tunnelelementen


For the HOV Transwijk project in Utrecht, we have produced and supplied 653 sound-absorbing