Innovation & Sustainability

At Durisol we attach great importance to innovation and sustainability. Naturally, our products comply with all contemporary requirements. They offer a high level of sound absorption and are maintenance free. Our noise barrier panels and roof panels are particularly attractive for designers, as we can make exactly what the customer wants. That gives designers a huge amount of freedom. Involving us in the process as early as possible is important to achieve the best result.

We are currently busy working on the development and production of a new product: tunnel sections. Interested in finding out more? Then please get in touch.


As our products are made from wood-fibre concrete, they can be integrated into the environment in a natural way and there are also options available if you want to grow plants on our noise barrier panels. As an added bonus, covering the panels with plants in this way also prevents graffiti. Furthermore, the process we use to manufacture our products is environmentally friendly and the panels can also be moved to a different location.

Circular economy

We are keen to contribute to the circular economy. That means we continue to find a use for products and materials, even if a product is old or damaged. Our wood fibres are made from waste wood left over from the wood-processing industry. These pieces of wood were not good enough to be used (offcuts, for example), but are ideal for our purposes. The sawdust that remains after we have machined the wood and that is unsuitable for our wood-fibre concrete is supplied to the animal bedding industry, where it can be put to further use. That means this sawdust is not just thrown away.

Cleaner environment

After they have been installed, our noise barrier panels also contribute to a cleaner environment. That is because we have developed a new type of wood-fibre concrete that not only absorbs sound, but also improves air quality. The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) has demonstrated that this new type of wood-fibre concrete breaks down both nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Furthermore, the open structure of the wood-fibre concrete is ideal for capturing particulates. We can also apply a special paint to the panels. Under the influence of light (photocatalysis) this converts nitrogen monoxide into a harmless substance that is simply washed away when it rains. By using this paint on our environmental panels, we expect to achieve an even more beneficial environmental impact.