Noticeably quieter

At Durison we manufacture noise barrier panels and acoustic tiles incorporating wood-fibre concrete. The main property of wood-fibre concrete is its excellent sound absorption, which stops sound energy being reflected and in this way reduces noise, making our products an extremely effective solution. Wherever our products are installed the environment therefore becomes noticeably quieter.  In addition, Durison produces and supplies prefab shell constructions for residential construction.

Our mission is to put our wood-fibre-concrete products to use to help make the Netherlands, as well as parts of Belgium, France and Germany, quieter and more sustainable. Take a look at the animation to see how we do this!

Icon Noise Barriers

In many cases our noise barrier panels are an ideal solution for infrastructure projects, combining good sound absorption and sustainability with design flex

Icon Acoustic Tiles

Our acoustic tiles are frequently used in tunnels, viaducts, multistorey car parks and along railway lines, as well as to clad external walls or the walls of

Icon Roof Panels
For the residential industry, we produce and supply prefab shell constructions.
Icoon Quality

It goes without saying that quality is extremely important throughout our production process and our products have therefore also been certified.

Icoon innovation

At Durisol we attach great importance to innovation and sustainability. Naturally, our products comply with all contemporary requirements.