About Durisol

Today, Durison is something of an institution when it comes to noise barriers made from wood-fibre concrete. Our company, which was founded in the 1940s, is based in Raalte, the Netherlands, where more than forty employees work on products destined for the domestic and international markets. In addition to our site in Raalte, we also have a sales agents in France and United Kingdom. Customers based in Belgium are supported from the Netherlands and France, while German customers are served from our Dutch location.


In 1946 the company ‘Mevriet Bouwplatenfabriek’ was founded in Twello, in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It manufactured roof panels and insulation boards made from wood-fibre concrete under sub-licence from Durison Switzerland (which had developed and held the patent for this material). At around the same time Durison’s principal licensee in the Netherlands also opened a concrete factory in Leiderdorp (which would later become part of VBB). It was not long before the factories in Twello and Leiderdorp decided to start working together and subsequently bundled their sales activities within the Durison-Mevriet Sales Association. These two independent companies manufactured products at their own expense and risk.

Twello to Raalte

In 1965 our company relocated from Twello to its current site in Raalte. In consultation with VBB, façade panels were added to the range manufactured in Raalte in the early 1970s. In 1982 VBB discontinued all its Durisol activities and Durison Raalte continued on its own. One year later, alongside the production of façade panels, Durison Raalte started manufacturing noise barrier panels made from wood-fibre concrete. This product was developed further and various types and variants are now available. Noise barrier panels currently account for 90% of our sales.